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  • Community Events

    West Valley Writers Workshop Monthly Meetup
    10-2-16 4:00 pm - The Haymaker Restaurant Co.
    West Valley Writers Workshop

    >>>>Please note the new times!<<<< Hello Fellow inkslingers! We meet from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m.,  at the Avondale Civic Center Library.  We had to make this change to adjust to changing Library hours. Cheers, Bob

    SPOTLIGHT on Brian Hansen @ WHAM Arts & Cultural Festival
    10-2-16 4:00 pm - The Haymaker Restaurant Co.
    Art Explorers Meetup

    2016 WHAM "ART IS ALIVE" ARTS AND CULTURAL FESTIVAL Oct 1st & Oct 2nd. The date and time are a SUGGESTION for attending!  You can go anytime you desire! Stop by and see Brian Hansen in Space #1 at this huge Art Show and see what he's newly...

    Craft Night - Whimsical Pumpkin Sign
    10-2-16 4:00 pm - The Haymaker Restaurant Co.
    Don't Just Pin it, Craft It!

    Let's get crafty! Join us for an evening of crafts, friends, and fun! This month we will be creating a fun Whimsical Pumpkin. Each pumpkin measure 18" wide. The cost for this event is $25.00 per sign.  Tickets are available...